About us

We originate from a small Greek island called Aegina, which is famous for its production of excellent-quality pistachios.

We wanted to explore all the cosmetics benefits of pistachio, so after a long research and a lot of trial we came up with a series of natural products based on pistachio oil. So, in September 2013, Pistacia Natura Cosmetics started its journey.

Pistacia Natura Cosmetics is the first Greek brand which uses the original pistachio oil from Aegina in its products. Being pistachio growers ourselves, we are blessed to cultivate, harvest and produce our own pistachio oil which is then used in our natural skin and hair care products.

Our key aim is to produce high quality products with benefits both for your skin and hair without the use of any chemicals.

All our products may be used by vegans/vegetarians, they are cruelty-free as all the necessary testings are conducted on humans, not on animals and of course they are microbiologically and dermatologically tested.

We invite you to discover all the unique benefits of pistachio both for your skin and your hair by trying our products!