Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of pistachio oil?

Pistachio oil is basically a moisturising and emollient factor. It is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids which contribute to a healthy and luminous complexion, help reconstruct damaged skin cells and fight against the formation of wrinkles.

Pistachio oil is also a natural source of biotin, which has been proved to function effectively against hair-loss.

  • Are the products dermatologically tested?

All Pistacia Natura Cosmetics's products are dermatologically tested on very sensitive skin.

  • Does any animal testing take place?

All tests concern only humans, never animals.

  • Where are the products made?

The pistachio oil which is used in our products is made in Aegina island (Greece). It is then transferred to special laboratories in order to be purified, tested and certified. The production and packaging of our products is carried out by special labs with which we co-operate in Greece.

  • Are the products shipped worldwide?

We ship our products within Greece and worldwide with the lowest possible shipping costs.

  • Is there a minimum limit of order?

There is no minimum limit of order.


hair mask with pistachio oil