Hair restoration

Natural solution for damaged hair

Frequent dyeing, styling, use of hair dryer: all these lead to gradual damaging of the hair. But because we can not avoid all of the above, there are ways to protect our hair and relieve it from these daily "attacks".

Proper nutrition and hydration of the hair help in their reconstruction and healthy appearance. Many natural ingredients promise healing and strengthening of damaged hair. However, Aegina pistachio oil has a leading role.

One of the main properties of pistachio oil is its ability to reconstruct color-damaged and dry hair. Vitamin E contained in pistachio oil helps to regenerate and rebuild hair as it stabilizes the cell membranes in the root follicles and therefore contributes to their proper growth.

Pistachio oil is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help blood circulation and cell growth which are important for root follicles.

Finally, Biotin contained in pistachio oil helps to strengthen the hair as well as increase its volume. So, for completely reconstructed, rejuvenated, shiny hair, it is worth trying pistachio oil and products in which it is contained such as masks, shampoos or hair oils.