Aegina's pistachio

The cosmetic properties of Aegina's pistachio oil

Aegina's pistachio: not unjustly one of the most beloved nuts in the world, as not only does it have a great taste, but it is also significantly beneficial for our health. Known since the 6th century B.C. is one of the healthiest and most nutritious nuts.

But does pistachio have cosmetic properties?

The answer is: of course yes. In addition to its health and nutritional benefits, pistachio, and more specifically the oil that derives from the nut's cold press, has remarkable cosmetic properties. Pistachio oil is an excellent treatment and contributes significantly to the stimulation of damaged hair while at the same time it is a very moisturizing and emollient factor that helps in the anti-aging of the skin.

Rich in fatty acids

Aegina's pistachio is an important source of oleic and linoleic acid, fatty acids that contribute to the softness and elasticity of the skin, while also helping in the regeneration of damaged cells of the outer layer of the skin.

An important source of antioxidants

Another category of important elements for skin care are antioxidants. Aegina's pistachio is rich in lutein, β-carotene and γ-tocopherol. Antioxidants help fight free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging while at the same time they protect the skin internally.

Vitamin E

In addition to being one of the most powerful antioxidants, vitamin E is widely known for its ability to speed up the healing and regeneration process of our skin. Pistachio oil is an important source of vitamin E and for this reason is one of the most "powerful" skin care oils. Vitamin E also helps rebuild damaged hair as it stabilizes the follicles and contributes to their proper growth.


Also known as Vitamin 7, it belongs to the complex of B vitamins. Biotin contributes significantly to the good health and durability of hair as it participates in the synthesis of amino acids that make up keratin (the basic component of hair). Aegina's pistachio is rich in biotin, therefore its oil is an excellent treatment for toning and strengthening hair.

In summary, pistachio oil as a cosmetic agent contributes to the hydration and anti-aging of the skin, while due to its composition it helps especially in the treatment of damaged hair.